Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Get started walks: Kolbeinsvarden, Askøy - Norway

Easy walk the day after the 7 mountains race. Kolbeinsvarden it’s a peak at Askøy and are a popular track for recreation by people living on the Island. The walk up to the peak its not impressive but when you get at the top the view makes up for the walk. You have a great view of the outer coastline of the Bergen region. Just outside of the islands surrounding Askøy you have the Nordic sea. From Kolbeinsvarden you have a front row seat for following the big cruise ships sailing in and out the fjord of Bergen.
Distance: 4,56 km
Time: 1:32:34
Avg Pace: 20:18 min/km
Elevation Gain: 214 m
Highest peaks: 231 masl

Kolbeinsvarden, Askøy - Norway by krisnystedt at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, May 26, 2014

Great walks: The Seven Mountains Walk, Bergen - Norway

The Seven Mountains Walk: A organized walk over the mountains that surround the city center of Bergen, Norway. The walk starts below Lyderhorn and then takes you over Damsgårdsfjellet, Løvstakken, Ulriken(the highest) Fløyen, Rundemanen and at last Sandviksfjellet. The walk its 36km long with an elevation gain of 2500m. The walk are too long to be enjoyable and it’s all about challenging yourself. You walk with lots of other people and the atmosphere is great. I used around  9 hours and was walking in a high pace most of the parts. The seven mountain walk its all about pushing yourselves. Its hard but the feeling when you cross the finish line its priceless and worth all the pain:) 

Distance: 35,00 km
Time: 9:11:38
Elevation Gain: 2500m
Highest Peak: 643 m

Facebook photo walk: Kjeåsen Mountain Farm, Eidfjord - Norway

Facebook photo walk up to the mountain farm Kjeåsen (530 masl), famous from "Der ingen skulle tru nokon kunne bu" also called the world’s most inaccessible farm. It is an amazing walk straight up the mountainside of Simadalsfjorden (inner Hardangerfjord). Logs bolted to the mountain, ropes and ladders helps you up to the farm. For me who is a little afraid of heights, this was a real challenge. Great adrenaline rush! At the top you have a fantastic view over the fjord and the landscape around the farm it’s beautiful. The farm has a great story dated back to the 1600 century that made the hike even more interesting. Going down the way we came up would have been too hard for a man with a small portion of acrophobia so we walked down to Simadalen through the 2,5km long tunnel (not really allowed) that is built in the mountain. Strongly recommend this hike if you want some adrenaline in your life and some old mountain farm history. Also, if you do a little reading about the farm before the hike the experience will be way more interesting.

Distance: 7,87 km
Time: 3:03:38
Avg Pace: 23:21 min/km
Elevation Gain: 543 m
Highest Peak: 530 Masl

Kjeåsen Mountain Farm, Eidfjord - Norway by krisnystedt at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Facebbook photo walk: Trolltunga/The Troll tongue, Tyssedal - Norway

The hike in the mountains to Trolltunga is an 8-10 hour walk both ways, about 22 kilometers, with a height difference of about 10000 meters. The start of the hike its hard! There is a steep trail that rises about 400 meters up the first 1.5 kilometers. After that it goes upwards but not as steep. You have a fantastic view along the trail over Ringedalsvatnet and the mountains around. You can also see the glacier of Folgefonna along the walk. When you get at trolltunga it is magnificent. Walking out on the cliff feels pretty safe and the photo you take will definitely end up at your Facebook page :) 

21,98 km
Avg Pace:
23:21 min/km
Elevation Gain:
1.485 m
Max elevation:

Trolltunga/The Troll tongue, Tyssedal - Norway by krisnystedt at Garmin Connect - Details